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2 Toned Facetted Glass Bracelet 10 Color Choices


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~ How about a customizable crystal capped bracelet to benefit fur babies and make you look glamorous? This bracelet is 2-toned and you can pick 2 color of your own, or just 1 solid color if you prefer!

Composed Of : hand wrapped red and black fire-polished multifaceted Czech glass,  sterling silver plated brass; bead caps, clasp and catch.

Measurements : Made as ordered, sizes are optional, up to 9 inches for no additional charge , you can also pick different colors and color combinations !

Color options are Garnet Red, Ruby Red, Atomic Orange, Amber/Topaz Sapphire Blue, Cobalt Blue, Toxic Green, Emerald Green, Jet Black and Crystal Clear. Blue Voilet is applicable to the smaller beads  -C2- *only*

* Hand Made In Hawaii to help cats &animals in need.
* Like all jewelry in my shop this creation is 100% hypoallergenic. As a woman with severe skin allergies I refuse to use crafting materials that contain lead, nickel, zinc and latex.
* Colors may change due to pc monitor settings.

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What colors would you like? C1 (large beads) C2 (small beads)

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