Shelter Of The Month 2018

Shelter Of The Month

~*~ shelter of the month receives 30% to 50% of all sales for that month ~*~

We are currently running a monthly donation split to help animal shelters in need. If you are a non profit animal shelter, sanctuary, rescue group/etc please feel free to contact us about being added to our list of shelters!

If you are interested in becoming a 'SHELTER OF THE MONTH' please feel free to contact me at StarrlightJewelry@hotmail.com and include:
- the name of your organization & leader/founder
- the links to all of your websites and social media pages.
- the month you would like if applicable.
If approved you will be added to the list and we will notify you.

All that we ask is that you help promote the event online.

Make it viral! When your shelter and your supporters tweet, share, google+1, email, pin items from my store to their boards, and more, we can make your month viral. Sales come not only from our supporters, but many more across the world.
The more exposure we get, the more sales we make,
and the more money we can donate.

Beads for Babies/ Little Paws Collar Charms Program

The "Beads For Babies" program is completely free.
Does not matter if you want larger items, smaller items or a custom image for the front of the packaging. I even pay to ship the items to you/your shelter, even internationally in some cases.

I established this program to help shelters who are willing to help themselves. If you are a legitimate non profit organization looking for some lovely little trinkets to sell to raise money for your cause, or help supplement fund raising efforts, this is the place for you.
I make collar/zipper charms in sets of 50-200 and mail them to you. You in turn can sell them online, at table events, at your shelter or adoption center for any price you deem suitable.  The last shelter I sent 100 charms to sold all 100 for for $5.00 each.

You do not have to have an established webstore to sell these. Shelters I have mailed charms to in the past have sold them from facebook pages/groups, ebay, blogs, have sold them from the counter at the veterinarian clinic, set up tables at local fairs
 and more.

Just like my jewelry,
ALL "beads for babies" charms are made lead free and nickle free.
 These items will look like this:
I can upon request change the front of the collar charm bag to include your organizations name and web address. Examples of custom packages can be seen on the side bar.

The back of the packaging will remain unchanged. In order for me to be able to afford to make and donate the charms, I need to  make sales, and those sales are made by advertisement.
Please do not take
the collar charms out of their packaging.

If you are interested in receiving some "Beads For Babies" for your shelter or fund raising cause please feel free to contact me at StarrlightJewelry@hotmail.com and include:
1. how many collar charms you are interested in receiving
2. an attached image of at least 350x350 pixels if you would like a custom image
3. the name of your organization & leader/founder
4. the links to all of your websites and social media pages

The list of requirements is a necessary evil, so to speak, so I am not contacted for free items from persons pretending to be an animal welfare cause in the hopes of getting free items they can remove from my packaging and sell as creations of their own. I do check all sources contacting me for free items.

PLEASE NOTE: I very rarely personally reach out to and ask shelters to be my shelter of the month. I have in the past been ignored and have had a few I reached out to accept a month then refuse to help promote the event. From now on I am only making donations to shelters that take the initiative to contact me first.

Are You Seeking Jewelry/Trinket Donations?

 I do, very often, donate actual pieces of jewelry to charity fundraisers and auction events. Please send a detailed email to StarrlightJewelry@hotmail.com
including information about the event and yourself, contact information and how soon you need the items by / or if you will accept drop shipping.

I also offer free jewelry items for social media promotional events and raffles and even offer to ship the items to the winners myself, even if the winner is international.
Donation References
Places we have donated Charms, Jewelry, and Money % to in the past:


Donations To Us

If you are a crafter/jewelry designer and have some misc beads (aka Bead Soup) that you would like to contribute towards the little paws collar charm program,
please contact me at
Beads, split ring, charms and head pin donations are always greatly appreciated!
Our last shelter of the month donation receipt. {$1,800.00} This is what we can accomplish when we work together to help the animals.
Little Paws Collar Charms F.A.Q:
Can These Be made larger or smaller?
Collar charms + custom packaging made for Texas Siamese Rescue and Carols Ferals.
Example of custom packaging, charms for Joeys Feline Friends.
Beads for the fur babies, collar charms made from 'bead soup'
please feel free to download this image to share on facebook, blogs, twitter and more.

What's In The Box?!?!
we sell 'sampler' boxes on our site. The boxes contain $50+ worth of jewelry/items and sell for $25 each.
$20 of every box sold is donated to our shelter of the month.

We also welcome other purveyors of handcrafted goods to submit items to our boxes as a means of advertisement. Please click the image for more information.