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the original gothic sampler box!

What's in the box?!?!
The listings are for a Mystery Box of gifts. The mystery box will include 3 to 5 hand made items from me that CAN include -but is not limited to- a hair pin set, earrings, necklace, bracelet, gift/treasure box, ring and more.

Earring box! Earring box will contain 8 pairs of earrings on surgical stainless steel earring wires + other misc goodies

Your box will also include some other miscellaneous goodies that I made myself and some that are store bought and some that are made by other crafters! 

You cannot get to see what is in the box, nor can you request what will come in your box, you can,  however, choose a theme for the content of your box!

I also left the comment box open at the bottom of the listings in case you would like to let me know if your ears are not pierced, are gauged, you have allergies to certain metals, would prefer trinkets/home decor items instead of jewelry, and such.

~ All Earrings will be made with either Surgical Stainless Steel or Sterling Silver earring wires ~

Customer Photos Of Previously Ordered Boxes

Each box photographed was made with special instructions field filled out to earring preference, color preference and item preference. Collage is updated as more pictures are received.